Mission & Values

Mission & Values



  • To provide patients with complete dental care which supports good oral health and comfort.
  • To practice according to sound methodology.
  • To assist owners with the management of dental-related oral and nutritional issues.
  • To provide equine dental practitioner training of a high standard.



  • The well-being of the horse is paramount.
  • Proper horsemanship is superior to the use of drugs and force.
  • Treatment should be rendered with a caring approach and by means of efficient corrective methods.
  • To respect the natural structure and function of the teeth when providing dental care.



Horses are entitled to quality care and their owners and carers are entitled to honest information. We share our professional association's three-pronged approach:

  • To work towards a recognisable standard of treatment by any person who treats their horses.
  • To expose dental treatment methods that are a threat to animal welfare.
  • To combat veterinary bodies such as the AVA and some veterinarians with vested commercial interests who mislead owners and encourage unlawful anti-competitive behaviour.

The National Equine Dental Practitioners Inc. (NEDP) is an association of equine dentists and veterinarians. Among several initiatives, the NEDP publishes information bulletins, such as this: Statement on the Use of Power Tools in 2007. It contains advice including:

  • That no rotary motorised equipment be used unless continuously water cooled.
  • That filing of the molars must not smoothen or level the arcades so as to cause inadequate mastication of long fibres or grain.
  • That equipment is presented in a sanitised condition prior to treatment.

The Australian Equine Dental Practice respects and abides by all legislation and does not condone the administration of restricted sedatives by equine dental practitioners under any circumstances at this point in time. The AEDP, whose practitioners are members of the National Equine Dental Practitioners, supports treatment standards and the regulation of equine dental practitioners, including veterinarians, in order to apply educational and practical competence. The NEDP aims to eradicate the appalling absence of meaningful regulation and standards among equine dental vets and others who do 'crash courses' in equine dentistry solely to enrich their income. We support the NEDP in their objectives and aim for industry-wide improvements in the quality of care such as:

  • The eradication of unnecessary routine sedation and the use of patient-unfriendly methods and equipment.
  • The eradication of the routine use of crushes for physical restraint of the horse.
  • The elimination of flawed diagnostic and treatment processes.


About Us

Established in 1980, the Australian Equine Dental Practice has been treating horses and ponies for over 38 years and providing equine dentistry training since 1999.


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