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Last update: 10 May 2012.

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by Peter Borgdorff - Equine Dentist and President of the National Equine Dental Practitioners

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Equine Dentistry in Australia

In view of items in the news, specifically the Weekly Times, we would like to clarify our activities.  With overwhelming public support, non-veterinary equine dentists in Australia have in the past 100 years and longer been conducting horse dentistry procedures such as these:

In situations where a horse requires sedation or related care to enable more significant procedures to be professionally and safely conducted by an equine dental practitioner (EDP), we engage veterinarians on behalf of horse owners.  All cases which require sedation for larger procedures are done with the patient receiving supplementary veterinary care where necessary.  Horse welfare is safeguarded in a number of ways:

In our practice only 1 in 25 horses requires sedation for routine treatment.  We contact veterinarians on behalf of our clients to provide such sedation.  Some equine dental practitioners (EDP's) use methods which may require sedation more frequently.  A veterinarian is not allowed to refuse to facilitate sedation as horse owners and equine dentists are by law only able to engage veterinarians for such tasks.  Equine dental practitioners are not seeking to practice veterinary medicine. Their expertise is confined to oral procedures. Better animal welfare outcomes will be achieved by the veterinary profession working together with EDPs to achieve this outcome.