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Updated 1 January 2007

Achievements with Horses
Ever wondered how you are going to turn your ideas and enthusiasm into success when you leave school? How will you fit into the scary big world of jobs and careers? Will you just be another name on the payroll or do you have what it takes to be a leader for others?

For 25 years now, Young Achievers Australia (YAA), which is affiliated with Junior Achievement International, has provided programs that make it easier to move from your school life to a working life.  YAA work together with and are sponsored by corporate business.  They have contact with 2000 schools and 2000 business mentors every year.

Be prepared for when the time comes to look for work.  Join the many who have gained confidence in themselves by joining a YAA program.   Your interest in horses could turn into a career in agriculture, veterinary science, teaching, horse training, horse breeding or product manufacturing.  Ask your school or visit  Young Achievers Australia and Junior Achievement International for your country's details.

For now, we have a few pictures of horses owned by Peter and others.  If a picture has the words 'for your use' it may be copied, saved or printed for your own non-profit use.
Galloway - click to enlarge
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TB horse - click to enlarge
PB Applause
Friesian Horse
New York City

Quote by Daniel Boorstin
"Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know."

Rocking horse...
One of my clients sent me this question (haha): "My grandchild is having trouble with her rocking horse, every time she rides it, sawdust pours out its rear end, we have tried a diet of wood glue but nothing works could this be a manufacturers error?"

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