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Last update: 7 February 2017

NSW, VIC Northern Victoria and Albury Wodonga Border Region, Riverina, Berwick, Pakenham, Narre Warren
Peter Borgdorff
0414 566 789
Hume Equine Centre, Tatura Veterinary Clinic, South East Equine Narre Warren North
VIC Geelong Werribee
Benita Thomson
0405 205 002
Most Geelong and District Clinics
VIC Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne South East Peter Borgdorff 0414 566 789 South East Equine, Melbourne Equine Caulfield

For case referrals or treatment covering other Australian areas
Peter Borgdorff 0414 566 789

The practices operated by associates are independent businesses using some of the infrastructure provided by the Australian Equine Dental Practice. Each independent practice shown under 'area'  is licensed to use that registered business name. Each associate has been chosen for his/her high standard of work, conscientiousness and commitment to the work.


As a course in equine dentistry was not available anywhere in the world at the time he wanted to commence studies, Peter learned from collected books and information from libraries, veterinary colleges and lecturers.  He also sourced the appropriate instruments and started treating horses after gaining knowledge and the necessary skills.

Peter Borgdorff established the Australian Equine Dental Practice in 1980 and worked for prominent thoroughbred and harness racing establishments. He was a founding member of the Victorian Equine Dentists Association and more recently co-founded the National Equine Dental Practitioners Inc. In practice his objective was to provide the highest quality conscientious treatment for the benefit of horses. He also dedicates a significant amount of time to work on industrial designs and logistics projects. 

Peter Borgdorff has provided extensive training to quite a number of equine dental practitioners to date.


AEDP Certificate of Equine Dentistry (pre-2013) and Diploma of Equine Dentistry (2013 onwards)

Rex Thomson - Australia - 2002
Mary Jo Burke - Ireland -2003
Dr Tibor Sahin-Tóth - Hungary - 2004
Kurt Boegel - Australia -2004
Lisa Kuronya - Australia - 2004
James Harvey - Australia - 2004
Danielle Dudley - USA - 2004
Dr Cedic Coucke - Dubai UAE - 2005 (AEDP Associate)
Moustafa Elnakadi - Australia - 2005
Kim Frede - Australia - 2005
James Sheppard - Australia - 2006
Owen Gilbride - Australia - 2006
Laura Chaffe - Scotland - 2006
Eugene (Bennie) Ryan - Japan - 2006
Marlene Harms Larsen - Danmark/Denmark - 2006
Esther Davis - Australia - 2007
Gary Wilson - United Kingdom - 2007
Jason Enright - New Zealand - 2007
Christine Connolly - Australia - 2007
Benita Thomson - Australia - 2007 (AEDP Associate)
Brett Hands - Australia - 2008
Jessica Plant - Australia - 2008
Hayden Reeves - Australia - 2008
Tanya Clarke - Australia - 2008
Amy Eighteen - Australia - 2009
Lindi de Gans - The Netherlands - 2009
Andrew Portch - South Africa - 2009
Dr Riona Sayers - Ireland - 2011
Anna Minogue - Australia - 2011
Sophia Scott - Australia - 2012
Ben Dobson - Australia - 2012
Claire Squires - Australia - 2013
Joe Burges - Australia - 2013
Siobhan Hoskins (Chevy Hoskins) - Australia - 2014
Kenny Grimmond - Australia - 2016
Samantha Gunter - Gold Coast Australia - 2016
Robert Franze - Australia - 2016

The AEDP Diploma of Equine Dentistry is now awarded after 26 weeks of theory and practical training which includes the requirement to complete 16 review tests, successfully pass a 5-part theory exam and 3 practical exams.

Please note -unless indicated- the above graduates work independently and are not associated with the Australian Equine Dental Practice.


Informal basic level training (1999 or earlier) was provided to
Peter Lane, Mark Old, Heather Bain, Gary Rawlings. Accordingly, they have not been awarded AEDP certificates.


It has come to our attention that Barry Stephan from the Albury Wodonga area is making the following claims:
- That he has been trained by Peter Borgdorff of the Australian Equine Dental Practice. Mr Borgdorff advises that no training whatsoever has been provided to Barry Stephan.
- That Peter Borgdorff no longer visits the Albury Wodonga Region. That is incorrect. Mr Borgdorff continues to visit the Albury Wodonga Region.

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